Make Your Choice and Find the Answers in Vocabulary Test Level B

Vocabulary workshop level B answers are the most difficult ones to find because this is the newest book in the Sadlier-Oxford vocabulary workshop series. We spent a lot of time to find these answers and made them available for everyone.

Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary

Providing people a view of bird’s eye, Level B test of the Vocabulary workshop is fabricated of several other units 1 to 15 which are separated into various activities of learning containing learning descriptions, vocabulary sentences, antonyms online, synonym practice, spelling practice, parts of speech, reverse definitions, reverse synonyms, reverse sentences, stress marks and reverse antonyms.

For the test of level B Vocabulary, these words are time after time used in every other unit and activities of learning: alight, adjacent, foretaste, barren, humdrum, germinate, hurtle, interminable, insinuate, interrogate, re-compensate, résumé, renovate, trickle, sullen, trivial, vicious and truce. The words are duplicated so as to acquaint you along with them and therefore, make you comfy in utilizing them daily.

A test for Vocabulary workshop for level b has fifteen (15) units. Every unit, the vocabulary replies level b, for example, Unit 1 has eleven (11) topics to select from and these are learning descriptions, the test has choices, from A – E, you just have to pick a single letter of the word that has the closest meaning from the provided word.

  • Sentences of vocabulary: You will have to select from A – E on which word best makes out the provided sentence. In Synonym practice, you are provided 5 letters to select from and a person have to select on which of the following are synonymous to the provided word.
  • Antonyms online: He has to select on which of the following antonyms for the provided word are. Parts of speech, he will only have to pick if the provided word is verb, noun, preposition, adjective, adverb or interjection.
  • Spelling practice: he will have to pick the sound/voice icon to hear the word that he has to spell out.
  • Reverse synonyms: he will have to provide synonyms and he has to select from A – E on which word most matches the provided synonyms.
  • Reverse antonyms: It’s similar with reverse synonyms; just the provided words are antonyms. Moreover, Stress marks that you have to pick on the correct syllable that must be emphasized.

The answers of vocabulary level b unit 1, is the simplest part and unit 15 the most difficult. Almost the complete test is several choices from A – E; apart from the spelling practice that a person has to take heed on the words he has to spell.

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One Response to Make Your Choice and Find the Answers in Vocabulary Test Level B

  1. Mary September 10, 2014 at 11:31 pm #

    I don’t see where I can review the answers for the Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop, Level B Unit 1.

    I’m the parent of a 12 year old 7th grader. He’s an honor student and works very hard to maintain that.

    He has a vocabulary teacher that I think purposely gives out wrong answers…………so I want to be ahead of the game.

    example: on the Unit one “Completing the Sentence”, he gave the answer to #13 as “recompense”. Sorry, but that made absolutely no sense to me. We went over all 20 sentences together and agreed that #2 should be “recompense” and #13 should be “renovate”.

    I’d love to be able to just have a place to go for myself to review his answers………..I, by no means, would let him cheat & just write down the answers.

    Thanks, in advance, for your help.

    Frustrated Mom,


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