How to Improve High School Vocabulary

In high schools, teachers greatly emphasize on improving vocabulary and for this purpose, they conduct vocabulary quizzes and tests to evaluate the vocabulary level of a student. On internet, one can find a lot of activities to improve high school vocabulary.

Improve High School Vocabulary

Teachers can improve the vocabulary by using vocabulary books and filing the same and opposite meanings, selecting the suitable meaning of a word in a story can be helpful in improving the high school vocabulary. There are also online games and some other activities and worksheets and workshops also which can help in improving high school vocabulary along with having fun. Having competition with other students on internet can also be helpful.
One of the efficient ways to improve high school vocabulary is to read and write regularly. If you read a passage and encounter new words ,write down them one by one until you finish and look for their meanings and then read the passage again, it would help you to understand the word in accordance with context in which it is used.

Reading interesting books, magazines, articles comics and essays and so on; would help you to experience new words and for sure it would help in your improvement and you can also make your writings and conversations effective by looking for new words. Just having an idea and understanding of the word is not sufficient. If you really want to improve your vocabulary you must have to utilize it in daily life in your conversation with others frequently to get more and more familiar with word.

For examination purpose, visit your school’s English department to get access for free vocabulary resources and study the lists of words having those words which are likely to appear in exams. It is duty of your school teacher to provide such words lists but if, they can’t provide, there are a lot of such words lists, as mentioned earlier, and are present on internet free of cost.

After having proper understanding of word’s definition, read it again after some days or whenever it is possible to make it the part of your memory for a long time. The best way to do this make a group of class mates and make a competition, in which every students needs to make sentences of two or three new words and the one who will make good sense of using the new vocabulary word, will win.

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