Mita – Unpredictable Japanese Learning Method

Do you know what is Mita and how it can help to study and live your life to fullest?

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Before I decided to write this article I took a few shots to make things more interesting for me and my readers so this may dramatically affect the quality of this article.

For the introduction here is explanation about Mita directly translated from Japanese using automated text translator (not worth reading):

I compose a poem are sometimes when the fit is on someone. Years 2004-2005, studied in Japan, or was attracted to the Japanese spirit, I recite my own way a lot. Story “Mita” This is like a Kotobagaki later wrote that according to the Tanka and Senryu. I think there are many places that parodies such as “story Hiranaka”, “Ise”, and I read them more interesting to know. If there is also a certain amount of experience kana orthography old, will it pretty hard to read.

Note) This is not just a stupid foreigner monologue of one person only, where unnatural grammar, can not avoid, such as where the translation is simply do not know kana orthography mistakes, and mysterious character over plus of poetry. Please be forewarned.

Basically I wanted to say that I love writing poems in many different languages including Japanese which is my native language. I have done a lot of practicing and these poems have become better over the time but are still far from perfect.

Recently I started to learn English but it is far from perfect so I decided to create this website while I am learning English vocabulary using Sadlier Oxford vocabulary books. Those books are good but they don’t help to master English completely and you need some additional training and practice. I am practicing by writing a lot of articles related to education, science and other things I lover and hopefully one day I will be able to write poems in English but it probably take years.

Let’s get back to Mita. I tried to find explanation in English but I couldn’t find any because it is something you can find only in Japan and understand it if you are Japanese. I guess you should come to Japan and live here for some 10 years to understand this because you can’t express it with words. It gives you energy, inspiration and vision and everything you need to succeed.

I guess I have said too much, so enjoy Mita and come visit Japan to understand what I am talking about because it is the best thing Japanese have ever come up with.

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