PNGCrusher – Optimizes the filesize of PNG images

PNGCrusher is a very simple application that does crazy things to optimize and reduce filesize of PNG images. It can reduce PNG file size up to 70% but in most cases you will notice around 30-50% reduction in image size. This is so simple application, that all you need to do is open PNGCrusher and drag any number of PNG files onto the app and it will do the rest for you.

PNG Image optimizer

PNGCrusher uses the open source PNG optimizer called OptiPNG, which provides better compression rates than any other PNG optimizers out there. If you deal with PNG images a lot, especially for websites, this app will save a lot of nerves and bandwidth. Imagine reducing your server costs for 30-40% because of much less resources needed to download images from your server.

This application does not have any extra settings or preferences so it works out of box and you don’t need to do anything to make it work. It may upset most power users but this utility is not created for such people.

What’s new in PNGCrusher 1.2?

  • Now uses OptiPNG to achieve even better compression sizes while not affecting image quality
  • Improved performance and stability
  • Slightly redesigned user interface
  • Tested up to OS X Lion but it should work on Mountain Lion if you know how to bypass newly introduced GatekeeperPNGCrusher

Please note

Not all PNG images will be noticeably reduced in size since many images area already well optimized. Some may be optimized using Adobe Photoshop or some other image editors and file compressors.

PNGCrusher replaces your original PNG files with optimized ones, but only if it manages to compress the images and reduce it in size. Which means that you should create copy for your images before you do testing with PNGCrusher because your files can be damaged and there is no way to reverse the changes unless you have backup.

This application is no longer maintained and developed by its original developer but OptiPNG, the PGN optimizer system used by PNGCrusher is still updated regularly so there is chance that it will work on your Mac. If you are not sure of what you are doing I wouldn’t recommend downloading this application on your machine.

This application was discontinued after Apple introduced its Apple App Store and we had to pay Apple to distribute out free app. Apple doesn’t care about open source solution and they are interested in profit and only profit.

Head to Softpedia if you want to give PNGCrusher a try but it will work only on older Macs.

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  1. Steven September 16, 2012 at 9:13 pm #

    Your Softpedia link only shows one “External Mirror”, which actually is your own site here. That is, Softpedia points back to which serves a 404 error. How can I get PNGCrusher? I have a PPC Mac and would like to use it.

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