Shinyubin – Kotoeri zip code dictionary

Shinyubin is a Kotoeri dictionary that matches Japanese ZIP codes with their addresses. This application is great if you need to input a lot of Japanese addresses at work or for other purposes. This tiny app is updated regularly to match Zip codes to their addresses.

Japanese for Mac

It is based on zipcodic which is released under GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2. It allows to share, change and modify it. We strongly believe in open source solutions so feel free to use it to create amazing apps. If it becomes successful please send us a note so we are aware how good platform we have created.

This application is developed for Mac OS X and it should work on all version of it. Of course I haven’t tested them personally on all operating systems but due to its simplicity it should work up to OS X Mountain Lion.

The original developers do not support this application anymore but there are many developers that who have reused the code to create other great apps for Japanese OS X users. The best example I could find is this one, they still are working to improve this tiny but very useful script. I guess you they will help to install and use this app if you really need it.

What is Kotoeri?

Kotoeri is the standard Japanese language input method for Mac OS X. This dictionary will not work with any other Japanese input method such us ATOK and others.

Shinyubin Kotoeri Zip code dictionary

Requirements for Shinyubin and Kotoeri

Shinyubin should work on any Mac OS X version which supports Kotoeri.

zipcodic requires PHP with the mbstring module installed so most web server will easily handle this scrip.

How to install it?

I will not get into instruction on how to install this application since it is very straight forward process and shouldn’t take more than few minutes to figure out how to install it.

Where to download?

You can download older version of the Shinyubin  from CNET but if you are looking for the latest and greatest version which is capable with most OS X versions you can visit the website I mentioned earlier in the post.

Please note: We are no longer developing this application so we are not aware of bugs and capability with new Mac OS X versions. 

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