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We have several application that we would like to share with you. Most of them are not maintained, developer and supported so I use this page for showing off our achievements in past. These were great times and we got a lot of recognition but we didn’t know how to turn it into a real business so we decided to quit developing these  amazing apps. Most importantly all these apps are created to work on Mac OS X.



PNGCrusher is application used to optimize PNG image file size. It allows optimizing number of PNG images at once and it doesn’t require any technical knowledge from user. PNGCrusher is based on OptiPNG image optimization script which is widely used across many other similar apps and is known as the best PNG image optimizer out there.

More about PNGCrusher


Japanese for Mac

Shinyubin is a Kotoeri dictionary that matches Japanese ZIP codes with their addresses. It is a great helper for people who have to work with Japanese addresses. This application was created as experiment while I was working in local post office in Japan. This is very simple app but it does so much to help you to find addresses in you know Zip codes.

More about Shinyubin


Firefoxy 1.5.4

FireFoxy is application that improves your web browsing experience if you are using Mozilla Firefox. It applies Philippe Wittenberg’s fancy widgets for Firefox so most of the details you see on web looks better than ever. This applies to buttons, text box, check box, radio buttons and other website widgets.

More about FireFoxy


iPodBackup 1.5.4

iPodBackup is famous iPod backup tool which used to be the most popular one of it kind. It backups your iPhone home directory which means that you can restore these files anytime you want. It is so smart that it backups only important data instead of the entire iPod home folder. iPodBackup is the fastest iPod backup solution out there and most importantly it is free app.

More about iPodBackup

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