I Am Legend – Storyline and Review

I saw I Am Legend the other day, and it was great. It was thrilling from beginning to end, and Will Smith did a great job as usual. My only complaint is that there’s an anti-science religious overtone where man/science is to blame for the outbreak, but it’s “God’s plan” that leads to a solution. At one point Neville says the atrocities show that “there is no God!”, but he ends up doing a pseudo-religious about-face at the climax.

Movie - I am legend

Another thing that struck me was that there seemed to be an entire subplot that was never explored (spoilers ahead!). When Neville traps the female Darkseeker to experiment on, a male briefly exposes himself to sunlight, threatening Neville. This same male is shown in several later scenes as being the strongest, or at least the most motivated in hunting and attacking Neville. Even though the Darkseekers are supposed to be inhuman, anonymous monsters, this one in particular is portrayed distinctly enough to be a “character” in that he is an identifiable individual in the group. Neville videologs about how the male exposed himself to daylight “perhaps due to lack of food or other environmental pressures overcoming his survival instinct” and how “there’s clearly no humanity left” in the Darkseekers. But it seemed to me that there was an implication that the female was the male’s mate and the male was intent on retrieving her from Neville, or at least exacting revenge. I assumed Neville would recognize this, realize that there is some humanity left in them, and somehow that would lead to a cure. I was wrong. I still don’t understand the significance of the aggressive male character, except perhaps to create an identifiable face to represent the “bad guys”.

I would recommend to watch this movie even if you hate zombie movies because this one is completely different and has some true emotions in it. It could be classified rather drama than thriller but there are some great action scenes if you are looking for them instead of drama.

Not the best movie for kids but it is up to you to decide if you want your kids to watch this movie or not.

I have seen all movies with Will Smith and this is one of the best. Don’t know why I haven’t seen him lately on any new movies but I hope he will return with double power sometime soon.

Overall, on a scale of 5 thumbs up, I give it 4 and a half.

P.S Forgot to mention that this has nothing to do with Sadlier Oxford vocabulary workshop or any other education related topic but I really wanted to share this with my readers.


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