Wu used to be all about technology since 2004 but we were unable to compete with the major technology blogs and news portals so we decided to switch to something else. We did some brainstorming and come up with and idea that we could turn this website into blog related to Education. We had no idea what we could post here but after some few weeks of research we found that Vocabulary Workshop is hot topic and students are looking for answers.

The problem we face is that Sadlier Oxford does not like if someone posts vocabulary answers online so we had to come up with some better solution. We are still working on this solution and we don’t host any answers on this website but we will found the way to deliver them in some different way to avoid copyright problems. This is not a easy task because copyrights are hot topic right now and companies are trying to protect its intellectual property by hiring the best attorneys and so does Sadlier Oxford.

Since we have many years of experience working with copyrighted content we will find a way to please both, our visitors and  copyright holders. Of course our visitors comes first so don’t expect any miracles here.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy and find this site useful in some way or another. We will keep pushing new articles and education related news from time to time so please consider to return to our site at least once a week.

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Disclaimer: aMake.us it not affiliated with Sadlier-Oxford and its vocabulary workshop books and is not an official resource. These are our own answers that we gathered and want to share with other students.