This is something you shouldn’t be reading! There is a lot of useless information in this article for sake to talk about history of this website.

Translated documents

I have mentioned this for many times already but I will repeat myself to avoid any confusion. This website is no longer owned by its previous author and we have changed topic of this website and now we will cover Sadlier-Oxford vocabulary workshop related information and no more apps or scripts. From time to time I will post something technology related to please users who still hope to find these apps here.

Previous owner used to translate documents and songs from Japanese to English but I have no idea about Japanese or English so I will not continue to translate these documents anymore. His main focus was on Japanese songs because it was his passion and he tried to avoid problems with copyrights when translating other documents.

Some of the songs translated was:

  • Aiko
  • Do As Infinity
  • Every Little Thing
  • Ayumi Hamasaki
  • The Brilliant Green
  • Shiina Ringo
  • Ohta Hiromi

I have no idea what are these songs but most be popular since author decided to spend his valuable time translating them to English. I did some research and I couldn’t find any of these songs share on youtube but maybe I wasn’t looking good enough.

Another topic author used to love is physics. Physics – As a physicist-in-training, I’m sometimes called upon to answer questions for others who aren’t as technically-inclined. Here I showcase my answers to those random questions, as well as some other work I’ve put together. All of these writeups were done in LaTeX. LaTeX is specific document preparation system widely used in academia to translate specific XML, PDF and other files.

This is something from eighties and not used anymore because there are several better file formats and apps to edit and translate text based files. I wonder how difficult it was to use this app to translate documents some 20 years ago.

That being said, we no longer host these files on our website nor we have access to these files. They will remain present in our memory and history books as part of our evolution, sort of.

I haven’t written so much nonsense and if you still reading this you should be considered yourself dumb or person with too much spare time. Get out there and enjoy your lifer instead of reading such articles online.

While I have your attention, please browse around this website to find vocabulary workshop answers that you are so desperately looking. Have fun on your vocabulary tests!

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