How to Expand your Vocabulary

Almost everyone wants to be good in vocabulary and to store more reservoirs of words to often use them in writing and communication. But why it’s hard to have grip on vocabulary even when we try to improve or expand it? It’s because we just put attempt to improve it without following any mechanism and technique. Here is a technique by which we can easily expand our vocabulary and eventually improve our speaking while communicating.

Expand your Vocabulary

Suppose that, your vocabulary is divided in three categories:

  1. The words you have a complete grip over them, and you know their meanings and usage, and timing of application, and you very often use them in your conversations and writings.
  2. The words which are equivocal and unclear to you and, you heard them in speech of others and in some writings, but you feel insecure to use them in your own speech and writing because of lack of confidence.
  3. Finally, the words you don’t have any idea about them at all; in their usage and meaning.

Now, your goal should be to get confidence over category two words and to get acquainted with category three words.

For this, set your daily target to learn two new words a day. You can increase the number of new learning words per day with the passage of time. Note down all the words you are unfamiliar with, and never ignore the unfamiliar words which you heard in conversations with your friends on radio, television, newspapers, and novels and so on.

While noting down the unfamiliar words on your note book, it would be very beneficial to note down also the context and sentence in which they used. It’s something of great importance and it would help you to relate the specific word with the event or situation where you heard it for the first time and off course, would helpful in memorizing that word for long period of time. Consult the dictionary, when you have some space and fully focus on the meanings and usage of that word in depth.

Remember, consistency is very important and you have to be very consistent and patient while following that mechanism of expanding your vocabulary. Expansion of vocabulary is not a time dependent or age dependent. You can expand it at any age of life and at any time. By following the above technique you can improve your writings and speech and also the standard of life.


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